Walker Van Tassel — Salem Hills High School

McKinley Brinkerhoff — Spanish Fork High School


Devan Judd — Payson High School

Malia Nawahine — Springville School


Hayden Nielsen — Spanish Fork High School

Kailey Christensen — Spanish Fork High School

Hailey Ingram — Salem Hills High School


Dallin Kimball Pope — Springville High School

Lexi Eaton — Springville High School


Brennan Hyatt — Maple Mountain High School

Josh Adams — Salem Hills High School

Erin Redd — Spanish Fork High School

Chaidee Woods — Springville High School


Natalie Young — Springville High School

Richard Wilson — Spanish Fork High School


Natalie Stewart — Spanish Fork High School

Nachelle Stewart — Spanish Fork High School

Jason Chamberlain — Springville High School


*Minimum requirements to be nominated for this award:

  1. Must be in good standing with the school and district
  2. Must have made a significant impact on an athletic team
  3. Must have at least a 3.0 grade point average within the past (12) months
  4. Must have participated in at least two sports during high school career
  5. Must have lettered at least three (3) times during high school career
  6. Must be a Junior or Senior
  7. Involved in school activities other than athletics
  8. Involved in community projects and efforts