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General ParentLink Help

Ensure your contact information is correct

The contact information in ParentLink comes from SIS. Use SIS to update information.
This includes: Main Phone, Cellular phone, Work phone, and Email Address.

  1. Information in ParentLink is updated from SIS nightly.
    SIS -> ParentLink
    • Main Phone -> Home
    • Cellular -> Mobile & Text/SMS
    • Work -> Work
    • Email Address -> Email
  2. To Update Student Contact Information, use SIS.
     Help files are available.

Extended Control of ParentLink

ParentLink offers greater control of how you receive communications, but you must log in to ParentLink to manage this extended control directly. These additional control settings may be reset at the beginning of each school year.

Logging in to ParentLink

It is common for both parents to be sharing one account to manage all students in SIS. It is important to recognize that accounts in ParentLink are individualized, you will need your own SIS account in order to manage your own ParentLink account.

  1. Follow the "ParentLink" link from the Parent Home Page
  2. Use your SIS username and SIS password to login.
  3. SIS Help files are available for setting up an SIS account.

Delivery Preferences

ParentLink messages can be sent via the text messaging, phone, or email.  By default non-emergency phone calls are placed to only one number per parent, using the following precedence: Home phone, Mobile phone, or Work phone. If that number is the same for both parents, the message is combined into one call. Beginning in the 2016-17 year, attendance messages will now be sent via email.

You can control which contact methods are used by ParentLink, by specifying your Delivery Preferences.

Emergency calls from ParentLink are placed to all non-disabled numbers.

    Screenshot of delivery preferences within ParentLink.
  1. Click the My Account link at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Select Delivery Preferences.
  3. On the desired row (probably Attendance), click the icon for the desired contact method.
    Contact Methods we use include: Text Messages, Phone Call, Email. 
  4. You will then be presented with a list of available options.  Check/uncheck the checkbox to set your preference.

Do Not Call List

In most cases the steps listed under "Control which Number is Called" above will be sufficient to prevent unwanted calls. However in the case of a business receiving calls for multiple parents or other unique situations, the district does maintain a Do Not Call list.

Additional questions may be addressed to: