Donate to the Foundation

Donation Methods


All gifts are receipted as tax-deductible donations as provided by law.

In-kind donations should be new and usable.

Dollar donations are accepted from individuals and organizations.

The Foundation carefully manages and disperses tax-deductible donations to local schools in the form of scholarships, money, equipment and supplies.

Some donors have specific places they want their contributions to go. These places can be a specific school, a specific classroom or a special program or department. Other donors ask the Foundation to make these decisions.

Licence Plates

License plate Another way to donate: Show your Support of Public Education

For the first time in the State of Utah, public education has a license plate available for purchase at your local Division of Motor Vehicles. The entire $25 fee is returned to our students by address.

Nebo School District and the Nebo Education Foundation encourages employees, patrons, and businesses to purchase, each year, these public education license plates. By purchasing the public education license plate, you give money back to your children plus visually show your support for public education.

Golf Tournament

Donate by participating in the annual Nebo Golf Tournament. Online Donation.


Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deducation Overview

Every person that receives a pay check from Nebo School District can be on Payroll Deduction. Each month the amount you choose will be deducted and forwarded to the school / classroom / program of your choice.

All contributions are tax-deductible as a charitable gift as provided by law: Nebo Payroll Deduction Form

Ladies and Gentlemen: You have the opportunity to make a contribution through payroll deduction to the classroom, program or school of your choice. All contributions are tax-deductible as a charitable gift as provided by law.This is a great cause and an easy way to get a tax deduction for the money you spend. Check with your employer about payroll deduction. Many companies offer matching programs that will double your donation.

Your contributions can go to:

  • a specific classroom
  • a program
  • a school
  • a scholarship

There are no overhead deductions from your donation. Every cent goes to the place you request. This is a great cause and an easy way for you to get a tax deduction.

Teachers: you may donate to your own classroom. Please give the completed form to PAYROLL  or NEBO FOUNDATION (Seth Sorensen or Debbie Christensen).

Questions or Comments: Seth Sorensen 801.354.7400 or seth [dot] sorensen [at] nebo [dot] edu