Edit Student Information

Video Tutorial:
Edit Student Information

  1. After getting to the Student's Edit Screen.

  2. Student's Name is based on Legal Documentation. Changes must be made by the school.
  3. Preferred First name: If a student goes by a name other than their legal name, it may be entered here.
  4. Email Address: This is the Student's email not the Contact's email

  5. The Synchronize option allows you to save the entered Address and Phone data without editing other Contact and Students.
  6. The phone number shown while editing Student Information is considered a "household" phone number, and is used for some phone contact about the student (e.g., Attendance)

  7. The Federal Government requires that schools report race and ethnicity data.
  8. Schools should be made aware of any medical concerns, but this should not be considered the sole means of communication of this information