Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section B: School Board Governance and Operations


BA Policy Board Operational Goals

BB Board Organiztion and Authority

BBAB Policy Nebo School District Sponsored Charter School
BBAB-E Exhibit Agreement Checklist and Guidelines

BBF Policy Board of Education Code of Conduct

BCA Policy Board Organizational Meeting

BCD Policy Board-Superintendent Relationship

BCF Policy Advisory Committees to the Board

BCG Policy Legal Services

BCH Policy Consultants to the Board

BD Policy Board of Education Meetings

BDE Board Hearings

BF Policy Board Policy Development

BH Policy Board Communications Protocols<

BHA Policy New Board Member Orientation

BHB-P Procedure Board Member Development Opportunities

BHBA Policy School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops

BI Policy School Board Legislative Program

BJ Policy School Board Memberships