Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section E: Support Services


EB Policy Safe Practice Policy
EB-P Procedure Board of Education Responsibility
EB-P1 Procedure Director of Building and Grounds Responsibility
EB-P2 Procedure Director of Transportation Responsibility
EB-P3 Procedure Principal's Responsibility
EB-P4 Procedure Responsibility of District Superintendent
EB-P5 Procedure Safety Education in Nebo School District
EB-P6 Procedure Safety Officer's Responsibility
EB-P7 Procedure Student Safety
EB-P8 Procedure Teacher's Responsibility
EB-E Exhibit Life Safety Code Inspections
EB-E1 Exhibit Safety Check List
EB-E2 Exhibit Safety Reminders to Principals

EBAA Policy Reporting Hazards
EBAA-P Procedure Safety Hazards

EBB-P1 Procedure Accident Prevention in Moving Pianos

EBC Policy Nebo School District Crisis Management Plan for Schools

EBD Policy Inclement Weather

ECA Policy Surveillance Cameras

ECAA Policy Building Security

ECAAB Policy Building Accessibility

ECBA Policy Right-of-Way Agreement

ECG Policy Energy Conservation
ECG-P Procedure Enerty Audit Checklist

ECH Policy Alterations to Buildings
ECH-P Procedure Aterations to Buildings

EEA School Access and Student Transportation (or get Spanish Version)

EEAAA-E Exhibit Principal's Application for Student Special Transportation Allowance

EEACC-P1 Procedure Student Behavior While Riding On School Bus

EEBA Policy Personal Use of District Vehicles

EEBAA Policy Vehicle Upkeep and Repair
EEBAA-P Procedure Vehicle Upkeep and Repair

EF Child Nutrition Programs (also Spanish Version)
EF-L Delinquent Meal Charges Suggested Letter

EFA Policy Student Wellness (also Spanish Version)

EFC Policy Vending Machines (also Spanish Version)

EG Animals in Schools
EG-F Service Animals Acknowledgement

EH Records Access & Management/Grama Policy