The Transportation Department of the Nebo School District will provide safe, reliable, caring, courteous services to students, the school system, and the community through the cooperative efforts of well-trained professionals.

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Transportation Guidelines and Procedures

Utah State Board of Education

Nebo School District Board of Education

Contact Information
Phone: (801) 465-6005
Fax: (801) 465-6009
Mailing Address: Transportation
Nebo School District
676 North 300 East
Payson, UT 84651


Wade Tischner
wade [dot] tischner [at] nebo [dot] edu
Assistant Supervisor: Adam Heaton
adam [dot] heaton [at] nebo [dot] edu
Department Secretary: Jamie Christensen
jamie [dot] christensen [at] nebo [dot] edu
Routing and Mapping: Tyson Barlow
tyson [dot] barlow [at] nebo [dot] edu
Shop Foreman: Devan Haskell
devan [dot] haskell [at] nebo [dot] edu
(801) 465-5332 
Services Manager: Korie Duncan
korie [dot] duncan [at] nebo [dot] edu
Systems Manager: Russ Banks
russ [dot] banks [at] nebo [dot] edu
Secretary/Activity Trips: Gwen Byers
gwen [dot] byers [at] nebo [dot] edu
Dispatch/Accounts Payable: Patricia Sanborn
patricia [dot] sanborn [at] nebo [dot] edu
Secretary/AM Receptionist:

Nicole Johns
nicole [dot] johns [at] nebo [dot] edu

PM Receptionist: Cheryl Phillips
cheryl [dot] phillips [at] nebo [dot] edu
Driver Instructor: JoAnn Baker
joann [dot] baker [at] nebo [dot] edu
Driver Instructor: Chad Killian
chad [dot] killian [at] nebo [dot] edu 
Driver Instructor: Coralee Olson
coralee [dot] olson [at] nebo [dot] edu
Shop Fax: (801) 465-6739
Fleet Maintenance: Jeff Haymore
jeff [dot] haymore [at] nebo [dot] edu