Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section C: General School Administration


CA Policy Administration Goals

CAA Policy District Administration Priority Objectives

CB Policy School Superintendent

CBA Policy Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent (Job Description)

CBC Policy Superintendent's Contract

CBD Policy Superintendent's Compensation and Benefits

CBE Policy Superintendent's Development Opportunities
CBE-E Exhibit Superintendent's Development Opportunities (Continuing Professional Development of Administrators)

CBF Policy Superintendent'S Consulting Activities

CBG Policy Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBG-E Exhibit Evaluation of the Superintendent

CBH Policy Superintendent's Termination of Employment
CBH-E Exhibit Superintendent's Termination of Employment (Administrative Dismissal)

CCB Policy Line and Staff Relations

CD Policy Management Team

CE Policy Administrative Councils and Committees

CG Computer Email & Internet Use (also Spanish Version)
CG-F Acceptable Use Agreement - Employee (also Spanish Version)

CH Website and Social Media (also Spanish Version)

CJ Website Privacy Notice

CI Policy Temporary Administrative Arrangements

CL Policy Administrative Reports