Research & Surveys Applications

Application Forms: pdf format, word format

In order to be considered, the following guidelines for submitting and receiving approval of a proposal should be followed:

  1. Prior to conducting research or surveys in Nebo School District, approval must be obtained from the District Curriculum Staff Committee.
  2. In order to conduct research or implement a survey, a Research Project Application must be completed and submitted to the Coordinator of Research.
  3. Research Project Applications must be accompanied by a project proposal and must include a copy of the instruments that will be used.
  4. Research projects that require the participation of teachers and/or students during the first thirty days or the last thirty days of the school year will generally not be approved.
  5. Research proposal approval will generally be limited to those projects that complete the requirements associated with a graduate thesis, dissertation or practicum. A copy of the sponsoring college/university’s approval letter and IRB letter must be attached to the application.
  6. Approval of the Research Project Application by the Curriculum Staff Committee authorizes the applicant to proceed with the research/survey. Committee approval does not obligate the participation of any school or employee.
  7. Following committee approval:
    a. No changes in methodology or instrumentation may be made unless approved by the Curriculum Staff Committee.
    b. A $100.00 refundable deposit is required. This deposit is to ensure that a copy of the research findings is shared with Nebo School District. Once a copy of the research results are received by the Coordinator of Research, the $100.00 deposit will be refunded.
  8. Upon completion of the research project, a copy of the research findings is to be submitted to the Coordinator of Research.

If you have further questions concerning research/surveys within Nebo School District, please contact Suzanne Kimball, Coordinator of School Services. She may be reached by calling 354-7467, or emailing