Nebo School District’s Captains Academy

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On April 21, 2016, Nebo School District held its third quarterly Captains Academy Spring Session on leadership and sportsmanship. The Captain’s Academy is held three times a year. Held in the boardroom at Nebo School District, the academy included Captains from each spring sport: baseball, softball, boys’ and girls’ track and field, boys’ soccer, girls’ golf, and boys’ tennis. All of Nebo District junior high and high schools were represented including Springville High, Maple Mountain High, Spanish Fork High, Salem Hills High, Payson High, Springville Junior, Mapleton Junior, Diamond Fork Junior, Spanish Fork Junior, Salem Junior, Mt. Nebo Junor, and Payson Junior.

Nebo School District’s athletic director, Mike Brown, said, “Our mission is to teach the value of competition, improve the athletic skill, and develop sportsmanship. We hope through the Captain’s Academy that we can continue to help students, coaches, and administrators understand the impact we can have on leadership and sportsmanship throughout our district and state.” 

Assistant Superintendent Scott Wilson welcomed the team captains and asked them how they want to be remembered. “Do you want to be remembered as an awesome leader? A captain that is forgotten? Or a captain that is disliked?”  

All of the Student Team Captains sit at the table for their sport and do not sit with their own school; rather they sit with their peers from other high schools. The Captains listen to each presenter and then work collaboratively to present their position and ideas back to the entire group. 

Mike Brown lead the students in a discussion of “What is a leader?” and “What is the role of a captain?” Then the various sports tables worked as a group and presented what they discussed.

Suzette Hartvigsen, a coach and teacher at Salem Junior High, lead a discussion on “Sportsmanship.” Then the students worked in groups to answer the question, “How can we as leaders instill sportsmanship at our own schools?”

Athletic trainer for Payson High School, Andrew Weeks, also presented on staying injury free and how to have a successful high school sports career through working with your coaches and trainers.

A big thanks goes to Laura Salazar, Communications Director at Intermountain Healthcare, for the delicious breakfast and snacks as well as lunch provided for the Captains.


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