Department Contact Information

Suzanne Kimball

Associate Superintendent of Curriculum

Celeste Gledhill

Elementary Coordinator

Wendy LeFevre

Secondary Coordinator

Special Programs

Alan Ashton

CTE Coordinator

Anna Palmer

Nebo Online Learning Summit

Veronica Solorzano

ELL Title III/Migrant Education Program Manager

Danny Lundell

Wellbeing & Educational Equity Specialist

Kami Christensen

Mentoring & Coaching

Rachel Neeley

Mentoring, Coaching, Secondary ELA

Kandice Antonino


Data and Assessment

David Rockwood

Data & Assessment Administrator

Brad Thornton

Data & Assessment

Curriculum Coaches

April Williams

District Keyboarding Supervisor

Brittnee Spencer

Math Intervention Coach

Krystal Taylor

MS Intervention

Kristen Money

Intervention, Special Education, K-5

Natalie Mecham

Intervention, PD K-5

Tiffany Cook

Intervention Data K-5

Rory Hansen

Elementary Math

Todd Bradford

Elementary Math

Anne Purcell

Secondary Math

Eva Serr

Secondary Math

Nicole Berg

Secondary Math

Camie Simpson

Elementary Science

Nate Bartholomew

Secondary Science

Karen Kidd

Fine Arts

Trent Mikesell

Secondary ELA & Social Studies

Selene Carlson

Instructional Coaches K-5, Elementary ELA