Apple Valley Elementary and Emy Porter Earn Nebo #Hashtag Award

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Chad Argyle, Emy Porter
Chad Argyle, Emy Porter, Lana Hiskey

Congratulations to Apple Valley Elementary School in Santaquin, in Nebo School District, and their school PR Ambassador, Emy Porter, for earning the Nebo #Hashtag Award. This award is given to the school that communicates to their parents and students, in a variety of ways, the events and important news items happening at school. Apple Valley Elementary has posted 16 stories this month and 79 stories for the last couple of months with 125 stories this past year. The school also has approximately 133% of their student enrollment connected on social media to get the latest news from the school. Go check out all the wonderful things that are happening at Apple Valley Elementary: 

“I am surprised and so delighted to win the #Hashtag Award this month. It is my first year working as the social media specialist for our school, and I've been doing my best to learn about the different media platforms and how to reach as many as possible. Social media is such a great way to spread news, share achievements, and to keep families posted about important happenings at our school. It is really rewarding to see our school's social media presence growing and connecting us to our community,” said Emy Porter. “I am grateful for all of the teachers and staff who share pictures with me to post or invite me to come photograph activities in their classrooms. To make sharing photos easier, I created a school Google drive linked to a QR code that I printed and laminated for each class so that they can easily upload pictures to their grade's folder. I love when new pictures are added and I get to share a glimpse into that classroom on social media. We have a great school full of amazing staff and students and I feel honored to document as much of it as I can.” 

Principal Chad Argyle said, “Emy is amazing! She warmly welcomes everyone to the school. She makes personal connections with each student and their parents as they interact with each other in the office. She is extremely talented in her interactions with all faculty in the building and is extremely helpful in any way the teachers need at the moment. Emy goes out of her way to learn new things and truly has the care of others in mind in all she does at the school. Emy is positive in all of her interactions with students, parents, and staff.” 
Lana Hiskey, the Nebo Communications Administrator, presented the award to School PR Ambassador Emy Porter and Principal Chad Argyle. Congratulations on a job well done!
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By Lana Hiskey