Julie Rust - PEAK Award Winner

Submitted by seth.sorensen on Thu, 09/21/2023 - 09:05
Julie Rust Photograph

Julie Rust, Nebo's dietician, is a multi-talented superhero. She works with parents of children with special dietary needs to ensure that their students can enjoy school lunches with modifications. She emails parents, helps them with menu specifics, and assists them in working with the schools to ensure that their children feel comfortable and not singled out.

This year, Nebo implemented a new menu and inventory program in the schools. Julie manually transferred all of the information into the program and created two menus for each school (one on the old program and one on the new) as the district gradually transitioned all 46 schools. She did this without complaint.

Julie also trained area supervisors, managers, and transports on the new program, even as she was working out the kinks and logistics herself. Nebo's cooking school/transport site is different from any other nationwide, so Julie had to adapt the program accordingly. She also trained the software team and was frequently on the phone with them to discuss their specific concerns and needs.

In her spare time, Julie visited the kitchens to help them set up their inventories by counting items in the kitchens and storerooms. She was determined to make the new program a success.

Julie has gone above and beyond this year. She has worked extremely hard in all areas to ensure the success of Nebo's child nutrition program. She is a valuable asset to the district and a true inspiration.