Nebo Education Foundation Spreads the Seed of Innovation Friday

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Jenny Reid
Mike Johnson
Lomi Bloom

The spirit of learning bloomed bright today as the Nebo Education Foundation awarded three innovative grants to dedicated educators across the district! From boosting ACT preparation in Spanish to fostering cultural understanding through Chinese picture dictionaries, and even turning cafeteria scraps into fertile learning tools, these grants promise to enrich the educational experience for Nebo School District students in unique and exciting ways.

First up, a hearty ¡Felicidades! to Mike Johnson, a counselor at Springville High School. His $230 grant will equip the school with essential ACT preparation materials in Spanish, empowering students to confidently tackle the standardized test and chart their future academic paths. This crucial resource will ensure no student is left behind due to language barriers, opening doors to higher education and beyond.

Next, we journey to Sage Creek Elementary, where Jenny Reid, a dedicated Dual Immersion Chinese teacher, received a $201 grant for a vibrant collection of Chinese picture dictionaries. These colorful companions will transform language learning into a delightful adventure, immersing students in the world of Chinese characters and vocabulary in a fun and accessible way. As they flip through these captivating pages, young minds will blossom with cultural understanding and appreciation.

Finally, Mapleton Junior High gets a taste of sustainability thanks to Misty Wright, a science teacher awarded $299.50 for a Lomi Bloom composter. This innovative appliance promises to turn cafeteria scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer, fueling both learning and environmental consciousness. Students will witness firsthand the science of decomposition and the power of turning waste into life-giving resources, fostering a deep connection to the natural world and sustainable practices.

These three grants are just a glimpse into the transformative power of the Nebo Education Foundation. Every dollar donated supports passionate educators like Mr. Johnson, Ms. Reid, and Ms. Wright, empowering them to ignite curiosity, challenge minds, and cultivate a love for learning in their students.

Do you have an innovative idea brewing in your classroom? The Nebo Education Foundation wants to hear from you! Visit to submit your own grant proposal and become the next educator to sow the seeds of inspiration and watch your students blossom with new knowledge and possibilities.

With every grant awarded, the Nebo Education Foundation is nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of learning and innovation within the district. Join them in cultivating the future of education – one grant, one student, one blossoming mind at a time!