Learning Takes Flight with Nebo Education Foundation Grants!

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Charla Andersen
Jill Marshall
Park elementary

Three lucky classrooms in the Nebo School District got a major boost this week thanks to the Nebo Education Foundation, as educators were awarded grants to fuel their students' learning journeys. From new books to engaging manipulatives, these grants promise to unlock a world of possibilities for young minds.

First up, a literary adventure awaits students at Park Elementary! Carrie Dunn, Lauern Davenport, and Lindon McBride received a grant to replenish their classroom libraries with fresh, captivating reading materials. These teachers understand the power of a good book, and now, their students will have access to a diverse array of stories to ignite their imaginations and foster a lifelong love of reading.

Meanwhile, over at East Meadows Elementary, Jill Marshall's classroom is poised for a sensory learning revolution. Her grant award will bring a treasure trove of classroom manipulatives and center materials, transforming her space into a wonderland of hands-on engagement. Students will be able to explore math concepts through colorful blocks, delve into science experiments with tactile tools, and unleash their creativity with artistic supplies.

Back at Park Elementary, the learning takes a sonic turn with Charla Andersen's grant. Her classroom will soon be equipped with a Q-Ball Microphone, a versatile tool that promises to amplify student voices and engagement. From interactive read-alouds to classroom presentations, the possibilities are endless. Imagine students singing with confidence, debating with animated passion, and expressing themselves with newfound clarity – all thanks to the power of amplified expression.

These three grants are just a glimpse into the transformative work of the Nebo Education Foundation. Every dollar donated supports passionate educators like Carrie, Lauern, Lindon, Jill, and Charla, empowering them to create dynamic learning environments and unlock the potential in every student.

Do you have a creative idea brewing in your classroom? The Nebo Education Foundation wants to hear from you! Visit https://www.nebo.edu/foundation/grants: https://www.nebo.edu/foundation/grants to submit your own grant proposal and become the next educator to ignite curiosity, challenge minds, and cultivate a love for learning in your students. Together, let's make every classroom a launchpad for success!