Nebo Education Foundation Spreads the Joy of Learning with Four Grants!

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This Thursday, the Nebo Education Foundation showered four classrooms with the magic of learning, awarding grants that promise to unlock new worlds and ignite curiosity in young minds. From enriching literacy journeys to fostering inclusive learning environments, these grants represent the Foundation's unwavering commitment to supporting educators and empowering students.

First up, June Lopez, a reading specialist at Goshen Elementary School, received a grant for a treasure trove of new literacy books. These engaging stories, carefully chosen to cater to diverse learning styles and interests, will fuel the imaginations of young readers and nurture a lifelong love of literature. Imagine students devouring captivating tales, exploring different cultures, and honing their reading skills – all thanks to the power of a captivating page.

Over at Payson High School, Julie Gowans' classroom is about to get a whole lot quieter (and more focused!). Her grant award will bring a set of classroom headphones, creating a haven for individual learning and focused study. Students can now immerse themselves in audiobooks, online tutorials, and independent work without distractions, allowing them to learn at their own pace and maximize their potential.

Meanwhile, Taylor Elementary School embraces inclusivity with Necia Albrecht's grant for translating headphones. This innovative technology will break down language barriers, allowing students with diverse learning needs to access audio resources in their preferred language. Imagine the joy of hearing stories unfold, instructions explained, and knowledge shared in a familiar tongue – a powerful step towards creating a truly inclusive learning environment.

Finally, Salem Elementary School welcomes two passionate educators, Peggy VanAusdal and Kirstie Brickey, who received a grant for decodable books. These meticulously crafted texts will provide a vital foundation for young readers, breaking down words into their phonetic components and building fluency. Imagine students confidently decoding sentences, tackling new words with newfound confidence, and paving the way for a smooth transition to independent reading.

These four grants are just a glimpse into the Nebo Education Foundation's dedication to nurturing the potential within every student. Every dollar donated fuels the dreams of passionate educators, transforming classrooms into dynamic learning spaces and igniting a love for knowledge in young minds.

Do you have a creative idea brewing in your classroom? The Nebo Education Foundation wants to hear from you! Visit to submit your own grant proposal and become the next educator to inspire, empower, and make a lasting impact on your students. Together, let's make every classroom a springboard for success!