Nebo Winter State Champions Recognized by Nebo School Board

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State Champions

Congratulations to the following State Champions in Nebo School District! The Nebo School Board of Education congratulated these State Champions during the March Board Meeting and celebrated these incredible athletes!

5A Boys Wrestling

  • Caleb Jackson- MMHS
  • Karson Shelley- SFHS
  • Junior Wetzel- SFHS
  • Alex Koyle- SFHS
  • Tevita Valeti- SHS


5A Girls Wrestling

  • Kelseigh Banks- SHHS
  • Ellie Jensen- MMHS
  • Aurellia Ramos- MMHS


4A Boys Wrestling

  • Colton Theobald- PHS
  • Quayde Beck- PHS
  • Landen Shurtleff- PHS


Coaches: MMHS- Max Sultan, Ben Gasser, Matt Williams, RJ Bingham, Krianne Bingham, Jeremiah Honsvick
PHS- Jeb Clark, Sam Ford, Brock Loveless, Chase Loveless, BJ Ford
SHHS- Joe Hernandez
SHS- Dave Valeti