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Because of Nebo School District's Commitment to excellence, testing and evaluation has become a focus. Much of what we do in the field of education is data driven. We must constantly monitor student progress and adjust our teaching practices accordingly.

Nebo District also follows state and federal testing guidelines and procedures to ensure our students receive the best education possible.

This site is dedicated to providing resources and materials which will be of great benefit to students, educators, and administrators. Here you will find information on items such as test protocol, test preparation, test care, and testing services.

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Assessment Resouces

Testing Ethics Training
State law requires all those who administers state wide tests complete an ethics training.
Competency Assessment

Nebo recognizes that some students have adequate knowledge (competency) in some core subjects.  Granite School District houses our regional test site for high school students to complete demonstrated competency assessments in most core subjects as well as some elective classes.  Please visit with a school counselor for additional information on assessment options and registration.