Nebo Programs' and High Schools' Teachers of the Year 2020-2021

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All Nebo School District Teachers of the Year 2020-21
Morgan Phelps - Bridges
Amy Ewell - Advanced Learning Center
Emily Hiatt - Landmark High
Krista Prusak - Maple Mountain High
Brandon Arnold - Payson High 
Becky Rosenberg - Salem Hills High
Alex Minson - Spanish Fork High
Arianna Booth - Springville High
By Lana Hiskey

Nebo Programs' and High Schools' Teachers of the Year 2020-21

Morgan Phelps

“Morgan is an excellent teacher. She is a district mentor and finds ways to make her colleagues better teachers and innovators. She has the amazing ability to build relationships and knows how to find each student’s strengths. Morgan encounters a lot of challenges; yet, she finds ways to motivate students to do their best!”

Amy Ewell
Advanced Learning Center

“Amy teaches business and is a huge advocate for students in every way. She is one of the most innovative and engaging teachers. She stands up for what she believes and is willing to work for the welfare of the entire school in a professional manner. Amy is an outstanding example to the youth of our community in both word and action.”

Emily Hiatt
Landmark High

“Emily is a superior teacher that is highly aware of students’ needs and learning styles. Her students love the way she teaches. She makes her courses relevant and uses technology to link students’ interests and strengths. Emily is fun-loving, goal-oriented, happy, and a joy to be around. She has excellent communication skills and is trusted by students, staff, and parents alike.”

Krista Prusak
Maple Mountain High

“Krista has more than a decade of experience. She manages a variety of classes during the day and then puts in many extra hours fulfilling her Athletic Trainer duties. She is dedicated to building a robust curriculum and puts in the additional time needed to prepare engaging lessons. At the end of a long teaching day, Krista transitions from teacher to care giver. She has been the  resident COVID-19 expert, organizer, and tester this year. Krista continues to maintain a positive attitude and giving spirit.”

Brandon Arnold
Payson High 

“Brandon sees talents in students that they don’t know they have. He builds a student’s self-confidence by giving them responsibilities and expectations. Mr. Arnold regularly reaches out to students during COVID-19, which can be an isolating time. He helped the school reach out and communicate clearly with parents. Thank you Brandon for producing quality communication.”

Becky Rosenberg
Salem Hills High

“Becky is an amazing teacher. She is able to reach some of our most at-risk students. Becky has the unique ability to unlock the hidden talents in her students, and they love her for it. She is a valuable piece in our wellness movement. Becky has provided art therapy to help reduce stress. Everyone leaves her class feeling better about themselves.”

Alex Minson
Spanish Fork High

“Alex is a master at what he does. He has tremendous ability in organizational and interpersonal skills. Alex is a natural leader and has gained the respect of his students as a fair, consistent, and enthusiastic professional. Alex’s positive influence and presence with our young students has been fantastic.”
Arianna Booth
Springville High

“Arianna is highly respected by her colleagues and students. She has high expectations and then supports students to meet those expectations. Arianna does not hesitate to share her knowledge and skills with others and to express her valued opinions. Her priority is always about what is best for students.”

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