Nebo Education Foundation Surprises Teachers May 2021

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Mt. Loafer: Lana Hiskey, Christine Riley, Jen Lundquist, Earl Davis, Kristine Christensen, Keela Goudy
Mapleton Jr.: Kendall Call, Lana Hiskey, Laura Taylor, Dale Phelps, Caitlin Wells, Marla Bird, Stacy Nance
Sierra Bonita back row: Marla Bird, Dale Phelps, Stacy Nance, Lana Hiskey, Laura Taylor, Amanda Shepherd & front row: fifth-grade team
Santaquin: Lana Hiskey, Kristina Christensen, Earl Davis, Mariajose Zaugg, Lynne Lowe, Keela Goudy, Ien Richins
Valley View Middle: Lana Hiskey, Christine Riley, Lori Cunningham, Allison Mower, Keela Goudy, Kristina Christensen

The Nebo Education Foundation meets each month at 7:00 a.m. to discuss submitted educational grant proposals for students in Nebo School District. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to invigorate students’ appetites for learning. 

Mt. Loafer Elementary – Jen Lundquist
Jen Lundquist, fourth-grade teacher at Mt. Loafer, said, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We are ecstatic to receive this grant and be able to use these funds to purchase science supplies to enhance our new SEEd science curriculum. We have a long "wish list" for supplies and this grant will definitely be put to great use. Our students are extremely lucky at Mt. Loafer to learn with a hands on experience.. We are grateful to the Nebo Foundation and their generosity. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help our students succeed in science and enjoy the process along the way!”

Mapleton Junior – Caitlin Wells
Caitlin Wells, math teacher at Mapleton Junior, said, “Thank you, Nebo Foundation, so much for the grant! I am getting bouncy bands for all the desks. These are rubber band-like tools that go on the legs of the desks. The students are able to bounce their feet against the bands during class. It helps them to get their wiggles out without interrupting class or distracting others. They work especially well for those students with ADHD and other attention troubles. I have tried them on one desk, and ALL the students wanted to have one! I am excited for them all to have these! I know it will make the classroom not only better behaved, but a more enjoyable environment for the students! Again, thank you so much!”

Sierra Bonita Elementary – McKell Cope
“Thank you so much for helping us get class novels for all 5th grade students. We can now have a variety of quality literature that students will enjoy. We can focus on various reading strategies using different titles, and having the opportunity for every student to have their own book to practice with will be so helpful! We are so grateful for the generous funds that have been given to help make this a reality. These books will benefit many students in the years to come,” stated McKell Cope, fifth-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita Elementary.

Santaquin Elementary – Mariajose Zaugg
Mariajose Zaugg, fourth-grade teacher at Santaquin Elementary, said, “We will be using these funds to purchase books for small group instruction. We want to purchase a wider range of leveled books to keep students engaged and develop a passion for reading. These funds will allow us to get more copies of the books so that more students can have access to them. Small group instruction is crucial to the education of every single student at Santaquin and these funds are so needed. Thank you so much to the Nebo Education Foundation for caring so much about our students, as well as helping teachers achieve our learning and teaching goals.” 

Valley View Middle – Allison Mower

Anyone interested in the Nebo Education Foundation or who wishes to make a donation for education is encouraged to contact Lana Hiskey by email lana [dot] hiskey [at] nebo [dot] edu, by phone 801-354-7400, or mail 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. 

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By Lana Hiskey