Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants October 2021

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Apple Valley: Lana Hiskey, Sydney Sharp, Chad Argyle, Keela Goudy, Kristina Christensen
Park View: Keela Goudy, Shanna Walker, Brooke Vaquerano, Kristina Christensen, Lana Hiskey
Barnett: Lana Hiskey, Kali Brown, Amaya Flint, Keela Goudy, Kristina Christensen
Payson Jr.: Lana Hiskey, Kristina Christensen, Kevin Mecham, Keela Goudy
PHS: Lana Hiskey, student, Kristina Christensen, Rock White, student, Keela Goudy, Jesse Sorenson
Barnett: Kristina Christensen, Kali Brown, Keela Goudy, Lana Hiskey

The Nebo Education Foundation board had a large number of grants in October. Here are a few more that received funds to meet the many needs across the district. This Foundation Board functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses as well as fundraisers where all the money goes to educate students in Nebo School District. Thank you to all those that so generously supported Nebo students through donations.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to enrich the lives of students. 

Apple Valley Elementary - Sydney Sharp
Sydney Sharp, an educator at Apple Valley Elementary, said, “We are so grateful to receive the Nebo Education Foundation Grant. We will be using the money to build our decodable library. Each teacher will have access to the decodable books to enhance their small group instruction. Teachers have been trained in how to utilize this great resource and can't wait to begin!” 

Park View - Brooke Vaquerano
“I am very honored and grateful to be a recipient of a Nebo Education Foundation grant.  Every year I spend money out of my own pocket to help students. This year I changed grades, and I didn't have age appropriate books nor books to help me integrate and teach different subjects.  As purchasing many books was not feasible for my budget, I was excited to learn about the Nebo Education Foundation grants.  My principal, Shanna Walker, was very great to match funds to help me get the books. I am excited to use these books to introduce children to a variety of writing and stories. We will read a new book each week and talk about different elements of the book and try to use them in our own writing. We will use them to help us with grammar, comprehension, and some books even bring in social studies and science elements. Thank you to the Nebo Foundation for helping teachers, help kids,” said Brooke Vaquerano, a third-grade teacher at Park View Elementary.

Barnett Elementary - Amaya Flint
Amaya Flint, a fifth-grade teacher at Barnett Elementary, stated, “I received a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation to buy headphones for all Barnett students. These headphones will be so helpful to students as we refine our practices with blended learning. We will use the headphones for iReady, math, and reading each day. We will also have students listen to books on, Sora, or Epic. In the younger grades (K-3), students will utilize headphones while completing their daily required 20 minute sessions of Imagine Learning. Students also have the opportunity to create videos on Adobe Spark that require them to record their voice to narrate a writing assignment. Also, we record students in their independent reading so they can hear themselves and  increase their fluency, which is an important component for DIBELS assessments.  As a teacher, I know how powerful blended learning can be, and I am so excited to be able to use more programs in my classroom with these headphones. We, as a Barnett faculty, are so excited to use the headphones in the near future and to the Nebo Education Foundation for giving us this wonderful opportunity!”

Payson Junior - Lexi Jackman
Lexi Jackman, an English teacher at Payson Junior, said, “I am so thankful that we were able to get this grant. I've been teaching at Payson Junior High School for five years now, and I've been wanting to revitalize our classroom novel sets in the English department. This grant will allow us to purchase new books for our students to read that are challenging, relevant, and exciting. This grant means a lot to me because I always want to provide new and interesting opportunities for my students, and this grant will allow me to do that. Thank you!”

Payson High - Rock White
“We are thrilled to be supported in this grant. We are going to be collaborating with our wood shop classes, who are building three display cases to go over our current information boards in the hallway. This will allow us to spotlight students and advertise upcoming PHS FINE ARTS concerts, performances, and activities. Having display cases will help protect student work as well. We’re grateful for Principal Sorenson and the Nebo Education Foundation for supporting us! Thank you!” exclaimed Rock White, a theatre teacher at Payson High.

Barnett Elementary - Carli Wright
“I want to thank the Nebo Education Foundation for funding my grant for items to use in my counseling office at Barnett Elementary! As an elementary counselor, so much of what I do is help students recognize, understand, and regulate their emotions. I teach classroom lessons, run small group sessions, and work with students individually. In every one of these settings, I love to use games and books to teach and reinforce the concepts I am teaching. I tell students these things are ‘tools,’ not toys. I was moved to a completely empty office at Barnett this year, so it has been difficult to have no resources or ‘tricks of my trade’ that I have acquired over the past few years in my other school. My Nebo Foundation grant included many items such as maze balls, kinetic sand, art supplies, books, and puzzles/games that will help me as I work with kids in many different situations. When kids are working with their hands or seeing a visual representation of a concept, I am able to make difficult abstract social and emotional concepts become a little more concrete and accessible. I so appreciate that the Nebo Foundation supports students in our district with not only their academic needs, but their social and emotional needs as well,” stated Carli Wright, a counselor at Barnett Elementary.

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By Lana Hiskey