November Grants Given by the Nebo Education Foundation

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Springville Jr.: Lana Hiskey, Susan Smith, Tiffanie Miley, Abby Lyons, Stacy Nance, Marla Bird
Art City: Susan Smith, Marla Bird, Shana Huffaker, Stacy Nance, Lana Hiskey
Hobble Creek: Marla Bird, Susan Smith, Stephanie Westercamp, Stacy Nance, Lana Hiskey
Art City: Lana Hiskey, Susan Smith, Mandy Brown, Stacy Nance, Marla Bird
Mapleton Elem.: Susan Smith, Cami Thomas, Stacy Nance, Marla Bird
Mapleton Jr.: Marla Bird, Susan Smith, JR Brandon, Stacy Nance, Lana Hiskey
Oakridge: Stacy Nance, Rachelle Sorensen, Marla Bird, Susan Smith

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District.  Board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students.  Many of the donations received are for selected projects, yet a substantial amount is available for the greatest need.  Greatest need monies are considered for grants submitted by area schools. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to bless the lives of students. 

Springville Junior – Abby Lyons
“I am so grateful for this grant! I used the money to order copies of the book Animal Farm. It is thanks to this grant that I will be able to share my love for this book with my students. I know that these books will last for years, so I know that they will be read by thousands of students. We started reading the books yesterday, and my students were in awe that the books they were using were brand new. It felt like a special experience for them! Again, this would not have been possible without the Nebo Foundation grant, so thank you!” exclaimed Abby Lyons, English teacher at Springville Junior.

Art City Elementary – Shalese Rogers
Shalese Rogers, instructional coach at Art City said, “Art City couldn't be more excited about the grant we have received from The Nebo Education Foundation! We can't wait to purchase decodable readers for our students! The money we have received will be used to order colorful engaging books that students can read successfully. Because of the training Nebo teachers are receiving in LETRS and the emphasis on the Science of Reading, we have noticed the need for more skill-based books in our library. These books will be used by all teachers at Art City when planning skill based small group reading instruction lessons. Students will have the opportunity to practice phonics skills systematically using these books. This will enable them to become more automatic and fluent in their reading. Thanks to the Nebo Education Foundation grant, we are able to purchase needed resources for our students. These resources will benefit current and future students at Art City Elementary.”

Hobble Creek Elementary – Stephanie Westercamp
“Thank you so much for granting me money so I can purchase headphones in my classroom! I can not express my gratitude enough! I was hired a week before school started, and I did not have a complete working set of headphones for my students. With these donations, I can now get a complete set of headphones that my students can use and help them with learning in the classroom! Thank you so much for this donation! It means a lot to me,” said Stephanie Westercamp, first-grade teacher at Hobble Creek Elementary.

Art City Elementary – Mandy Brown
“I will be using the grant to purchase new headphones for my students to use for the work that they do on their Chromebooks. Being able to purchase new headphones allows my students to spend more time working and learning on their computers rather than worrying about their headphones working,” stated Mandy Brown, third-grade teacher at Art City.
Mapleton Elementary – Christina Shakespear
Christina Shakespear, counselor at Mapleton Elementary said, “This is great news! I truly appreciate the recognition for the wellness rooms at my schools. The money received will be utilized to put resources together to help teach students how to self-regulate, identify their emotions, and identify healthy ways to cope with stress. We have had an increase in anxiety and stress among the elementary schools and I have watched as my own kids as well as my students struggle with being able to express their emotions in a positive way. The wellness room will help us to identify students who need some extra help as well as provide a place for all students to take a break and find positive ways to cope with stress. I know this will make a difference in the lives of the students we work with and help them to build positive coping strategies and address their stress in a healthy environment."

Principal Cami Thomas said, "Thank you so much to the Nebo Foundation for the money to help us begin our Wellness Room.  This provides an outlet for students who are not only needing academic support, but emotional support , cool downs, and positive reinforcements as well.  We of course believe that the best place for students is in their classroom, but it's so nice to have a place that allows students the supports that may look different from the traditional methods we've done in the past.  As we learn and grow to meet the needs of every individual, we really appreciate having the backing of the Foundation."

Other Grants Given:
Mapleton Junior – Brittany Lundell
Oakridge – Tasha Lewis

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By Lana Hiskey