Spanish Fork High FFA Places at Nationals

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SFHS FFA Attend and Place at Nationals
National Winner Jesse Shepherd
SFHS FFA Livestock Judging Team
SFHS FFA Proficiency Winners
SFHS FFA on Nationals Tour

Spanish Fork High School's FFA recently had the opportunity to take 14 top state winners to attend the National FFA Convention.  While at Nationals, SFHS students had the opportunity to listen to motivational speakers, compete, network with others from throughout the nation, and go on agricultural tours. 

Jesse Shepherd, won First Place at the National FFA Convention for Agriscience, Animal Systems in Division 5.  He attended the National Convention with his Spanish Fork High FFA Teammates. Jesse takes classes here at the ALC part-time and classes at his home High School at Spanish Fork, part-time.  

  • Agriscience Fair, Animal Systems, Division 5: 1st Place National Winner.  Here is a description of Jesse's Project from Jesse:
    • This project, “Comparison of Same-Hen Yolk and Serum Antibody Levels Using the ELISA Test Following Vaccination with Typical Vaccines Used in Commercial Laying Hens” utilized the ELISA test is used to compare measurable antibody response in egg yolk vs. serum to some typical layer vaccines, namely, Newcastle Disease, Avian Encephalomyelitis, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, and Infectious Bronchitis. A previous research study similar to this project yielded negative results, as a result, the concept of testing egg yolks for antibodies was rejected by the poultry industry. My project, however, yielded positive results with safer and simpler testing methods. It has since been presented to the poultry industry on a global scale and will make testing for egg quality assurance plans easier, more accessible, and more efficient. There may be situations where serum samples are unavailable or unattainable. A noninvasive method, such as my own, to determine the serologic status of laying hens in surveillance plans utilizing the ELISA test using egg yolk samples is useful in such circumstances.   

Jesse Also received Agriscience Proficiency, Animal Systems: Top 4 in the Nation. 

 We are so proud of Jesse. What an amazing accomplishment to rank first in the Nation!

Congratulations to the following students for doing so well:

  • Rylei Voorhees - 10th Place Agriscience Food Products and Processing Division 5
  • Ashley Olsen and Russell Mangelson - 14th Place Agriscience Animal Science Division 6
  • Tanner Voorhees - Runner up Agricultural Processing Proficiency and American Degree Recipient
  • Kami Holt - Runner up Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship Proficiency
  • Wade Coombs - Runner up Diversified Horticulture Proficiency
  • Megan Stewart - American Degree Recipient 
  • Corianne Mangelson - American Degree Recipient 
  • Livestock Judging Team - Bronze Ranking
    • Ellie Maughan - Silver Ranking
    • Kaylee Roach - Silver Ranking
    • Josh Bartold - Bronze Ranking
    • Tate Sorensen - Bronze Ranking
By Lana Hiskey