More November Grants Given by the Nebo Education Foundation

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Spanish Fork Jr.: Chris Loveless, Susan E. Anderson, Chris Smiley, Lana Hiskey, Dale Phelps
Spanish Oaks: Dale Phelps, Ryan Murray, Sherri Peterson, Lana Hiskey
Park: Lana Hiskey, Lindsey Hughes, Chris Smiley, LesLee Hunt, Dale Phelps, Darlynn Menlove
Larsen: Lana Hiskey, Chris Smiley, Bethany Clark, Darlynn Menlove, Dale Phelps
East Meadows: Lana Hiskey, Chris Smiley, Mike Duncan, Katherine Beck, Dale Phelps
Canyon: Lana Hiskey, Chris Smiley, Julie Peery, Dale Phelps

The Nebo Education Foundation board had a record number of grants in November. Here are a few more that received funds to meet the many needs across the district. This Foundation Board functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses as well as fundraisers where all the money goes to educate students in Nebo School District. Thank you to all those that so generously supported Nebo students through donations.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to make a difference in the lives of students. 

Spanish Fork Junior – Susan E. Anderson
Susan E. Anderson, pathways teacher at Spanish Fork Junior said, “With so much excitement and gratitude, I received the Nebo Foundation's grant today. I am part of the Pathways Grant program, a great professional development program, and as part of that, I was able to order books for my classroom. Pathways was my matching fund source. 

“It is always exciting when an order of books arrives! I love opening them in front of my students. They get just as excited, maybe not as excited as me, but pretty darn excited. I immediately see an increase in the number of books being checked out.

“I love getting these books, but the site we must order from is limited. One of the sections in my library I feel is too minimal for the needs of my students is my multicultural section. I want more books written by people of color. The mandatory site didn't have a large selection of these authors. This grant will allow me to fill this need. I have researched some YA multicultural authors, and I am excited to add them to the class library.

“I am grateful for the Nebo Foundation's support. I have received 3 other grants that have built up classroom novel sets throughout the last 6 years. I am certainly grateful for this one that helps me bring in options and choices for all my students.”

Spanish Oaks Elementary – Thresa Nelson
Thresa Nelson, literacy coach at Spanish Oaks said, “At Spanish Oaks we are so excited to be receiving this grant! The money will be used to purchase decodable reading materials for our small group instruction! Teachers will be able to access materials to provide structured literacy activities to students at their own level. These books will help students to practice the skills they have been taught in phonics instruction and feel successful even at the earliest reading stages! A million thanks to the Nebo Foundation for their generous support of this project!”

Park Elementary – LesLee Hunt
“I am so grateful to be granted this money for books for my classroom.  These book sets will allow me to have a greater variety of books to work with my students and other first grade students in small group instruction.  Having a variety of books on different levels with a variety of skills will let me meet the needs of my students better.  When I told my students and showed them what we got and that we would get to use them in reading, they were so excited.  They will be watching the deliveries just as much as I will,” stated LesLee Hunt, first-grade teacher at Park Elementary.

Larsen Elementary – Melissa Warren
“Thank you so much!!  We will use the grant to expand the options in our library and help the kids fall in love with reading.  As a new librarian at Larsen Elementary I am as excited as the kids when we get new books.  Providing reading material that gets the kids reading makes my job very rewarding. Thank you!” exclaimed Melissa Warren, librarian at Larsen Elementary.

East Meadows Elementary – Christina Shakespear
Christina Shakespear, counselor at East Meadows Elementary said, “This is great news! I truly appreciate the recognition for the wellness rooms at my schools. The money received will be utilized to put resources together to help teach students how to self-regulate, identify their emotions, and identify healthy ways to cope with stress. We have had an increase in anxiety and stress among the elementary schools and I have watched as my own kids as well as my students struggle with being able to express their emotions in a positive way. The wellness room will help us to identify students who need some extra help as well as provide a place for all students to take a break and find positive ways to cope with stress. I know this will make a difference in the lives of the students we work with and help them to build positive coping strategies and address their stress in a healthy environment.

Another Grant Given:
Canyon Elementary – Christy Nielson

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By Lana Hiskey