May 2022 Nebo PEAK Award Winners

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May 2022 PEAK Award Winners
Jenni Coon, Teacher, Orchard Hills Elementary, Nominated by: Dan Stansell
Sam Ford, Teacher, Cornerstone, Nominated by: Jesse Sorenson, Jeb Clark, Kyle Francom
Joni Holmes, Coach, Spanish Fork High, Nominated by: 19 Parents
Jodi Geis, Teacher, Canyon Elementary, Nominated by: Keralyn Nelson
Janna Runolfson, Facilitator, Hobble Creek Elementary, Nominated by: Mike Sorensen
Shani Peterson, Technician, Salem Elementary, Nominated by: Judy Luther
Joni Holmes with all parents and girls

May 2022 Nebo PEAK Award Winners

Nebo School District wants to showcase our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education. The award is administered by the Communications and Community Relations Department. 

Jenni Coon, Teacher, Orchard Hills Elementary
Nominated by: Dan Stansell

“Mrs. Coon isn’t a teacher that just goes through the motions. She actually cares about her students. She took the time out of her weekend to support our daughter in a sporting event. That is the kind of teacher that had the most impact on my life growing up.” ~Dan Stansell

“Jenni went out of her way to make my son feel comfortable even though he was in another class. He had just started first grade and had multiple days when he was crying so hard he went to the office to call home. Mrs. Coon made sure to talk to him every day for a few weeks about what was happening at home. He is now thriving and helping other students like school.” ~Samantha Alexander

Sam Ford, Teacher, Cornerstone
Nominated by: Jesse Sorenson, Jeb Clark, Kyle Francom

“Sam is a superhero. He works daily with students who really need him. He's always fair, kind, and has the student’s best interest at heart. Sam has been in this position for over 25 years and is one of the most dedicated and committed educators I've ever worked with.” ~Jesse Sorenson

“Coach Ford has served for 22 years as an assistant wrestling coach here at Payson High School and has coached for all seven of the Wrestling Team’s State Championships. He has helped hundreds of kids reach the podium and dozens win individual State Championships. He has also earned Assistant Coach of the Year twice in his career. Sam cares deeply about his students and athletes; and as a result, they love and respect him. Athletes want Coach Ford in their corner.” ~Jeb Clark

“Sam has done an amazing job of managing some very difficult situations. He is an exceptional teacher and is a great role model for the young people he works with.” ~Kyle Francom

Joni Holmes, Coach, Spanish Fork High
Nominated by: 19 Parents – Camie Simpson, Karin Smith, Candace Marks, Jamie Smith, Brooke Rasmussen, Whitney Higginson, Shalynn Snow, Stacey Hanks, Aubrey Yoachum, Chelsi Crockett, Annie Rencher, Heather Campbell, Allison Woidka, Charie Draper, Angie Shepherd, Mischele Olson, Amy Dart, Abbie Sermersheim, Amber Moore

“Joni is inspiring! She has gone above and beyond to help our drill team be the best it can be. She loves our girls and boosts their confidence daily. Joni is a true example of putting her students first. She stepped up as head coach and did so with grace, kindness, and support. Joni taught the girls strength and to support one another. She listened and loved our girls as they went through some very difficult times. Joni has a heart of gold!”

Jodi Geis, Teacher, Canyon Elementary
Nominated by: Keralyn Nelson

“Jodi has taught all three of my boys. She is ALWAYS kind and positive. I have never heard her say anything unkind about any of her students, even ones that I know are difficult. Her classroom management is so good and is based on all the positive efforts she sees in her students. She calls them ‘friends.’ Jodi's informal mentoring has helped to ease my stress of teaching first grade after the year had already begun. With colleagues and friends like Jodi, I will never want to leave Nebo or Canyon!”

Janna Runolfson, Facilitator, Hobble Creek Elementary
Nominated by: Mike Sorensen

“Janna does so much work for so many people. She is ALWAYS doing something for somebody else. As the facilitator, Janna works with interns and new teachers; and she does an amazing job with them. All of our new people feel supported because of the work Janna does. She helps with lesson plans, works through difficult situations, and even brings treats. Janna cares about the faculty and the students. She is a great support to our school.”

Shani Peterson, Technician, Salem Elementary
Nominated by: Judy Luther

“Shani patiently deals with students that exhibit difficult behavior. She happily helps wherever and whenever there is a need. She will sub for teachers on the spot, fill in for lunch or recess duty in a heartbeat, and is open to learning new skills that allow her to serve students and teachers.”

This initiative is designed to focus on "raising the bar" on providing exceptional customer service, both internally and externally. A key component of this initiative is the development of the PEAK Award. The PEAK (Positive Energy and Kindness) Award is presented monthly to someone in the Nebo School District who "really gets it" when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, which in turn results in positive impacts on everyone including students, parents, co-workers and members of the community.

Who Gets Nominated?
Faculty and staff members are nominated by anyone in the community through the Nebo School District website, wherein a special Customer Service link is provided. The directions as to how to nominate an employee for the PEAK Awards are clearly spelled out on the site. All nominations must include information on how the individual has provided exceptional customer service, as well as how the employee's actions impacted the nominator's overall perception of Nebo School District Schools. The name and contact information of the nominator must be included.

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By Lana Hiskey