Principal Tiffanie Miley Honored with the Secondary Principal Crystal Owl Award 2022

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 05/18/2022 - 15:11
RaShel Shepherd, Tiffanie Miley, Craig Harvey

Tiffanie Miley, Principal of Springville Junior High in Nebo School District, was honored with the Secondary Principal Crystal Owl Award during a Nebo Administrator Training in May. This award is provided by Craig Harvey through Horace Mann.             
Colleagues said the following about Springville Junior High Principal, Tiffanie Miley:

“Tiffanie is a natural at focusing on things that matter most. She knows how to involve teachers in creating school systems that benefit students academically and behaviorally. She has an unrelenting commitment to excellence.”

“Tiffanie is outstanding! She champions her teachers and is so helpful to other principals in creating systems that work and help kids. She is a great example to other administrators and is always working to help others. She is great for students and teachers and is a clear leader in administration. Tiffanie’s relationships with her people make all the difference.”

“Tiffanie's goal is to facilitate other's growth and help them achieve their goals. She never strays from that, whether working with students, teachers, parents, or fellow administrators. She is deliberate in making decisions and is able to understand others' points of view.”

Tiffanie is innovative, organized, and helpful in so many ways. She has great ideas and is willing to help with lots of different things within her school or for the district.

“Tiffanie is a visionary and such a great advocate for not only faculty in her school but all of the district employees as well!”

“Tiffanie has many skills and aptitudes that make her a great leader. She is organized, and understands how to run a school, and her people love to work for her. In addition to running her school well, Tiffanie also does things to help others in the district. She is always there to help a friend in need.”

Congratulations to Principal Tiffanie Miley of Springville Junior High in Nebo School District. Thank you for being a Nebo Hero!

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By Lana Hiskey