Cherry Creek Delights Nebo School Board of Education

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Cherry Creek Choir
Cherry Creek Principal Darrington
Cherry Creek Student Presentations
Cherry Creek Student Presentations
Cherry Creek Student Presentations
Cherry Creek Student Presentations

Principal Amy Darrington addressed the Nebo School Board of Education and said, “Superintendent staff and members of the school board, we are grateful for the opportunity to share the successes and celebrations at Cherry Creek Elementary this year. Accompanying me tonight is the school choir that is led and directed by Susan Deardeuff, and four of our student leaders. At Cherry Creek our motto that we say together every morning is: ‘We Lead, We Learn, We Inspire, I AM Important.’ These students will share with you how they have lived our motto this year.”

The first student to present to the Nebo School Board was Bennett Perkes, a fourth-grade student. He said, “At Cherry Creek WE LEAD. As Mrs. Darrington said, we are a Leader in Me School. Every year we get to apply for student leadership positions. This year I applied to be a Student Lighthouse Leader. In this job I have also had the opportunity to lead our assemblies, emcee our Leadership Day and be an example and leader to the whole school. Many of our students also recently had the opportunity to help with a food drive for Tabitha’s Way. Students got to help collect, count, and sort food. We just found out that our school was so successful in donating food that the Mayor of Springville, Mayor Packard, wants to come thank us personally next week. Some other student jobs include: Cone Cross Walk leader, Assembly Set-Up Crew,  Library Book Cleaners, Morning Announcement Leaders, and Office Helpers and Spirit Day Leaders.”

Eliza Dahl, a fourth-grade student, said, “At Cherry Creek WE LEARN. Another thing that we do as a Leader in Me school is create school WIGS--which stands for Wildly Important Goals. This year we have been working on two goals. The first goal was to increase our at-home reading minutes. Each student made an individual goal that was tracked in their leadership binder, and we had a school-wide goal that we report on at our monthly Victory Assemblies. Our reading goal this year was to read 1.5 MILLION Minutes. At our last victory assembly, we were at 1.48 million minutes so by the end of the year we will for sure have met that goal.”

Next, Reagan Taylor, a fifth-grade, said, “At Cherry Creek WE INSPIRE. The second WIG has been to earn Croc Claws by living the Seven Habits, which are: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek to Understand and then be Understood, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw. When we live the habits, we INSPIRE other people. Anytime we are caught living one of the Seven Habits, we are given a Croc Claw. We get to take a copy home to our parents and keep one in our Leadership Notebooks. Our school hallways are lined with green Croc Claws showing all the great choices the students have made. Our goal this year was to earn 800 Croc Claws. At last count, we have earned almost 700.”  

Ariana Garcia, is a fifth-grade student, and said, “At Cherry Creek, I AM IMPORTANT. I know I am important because I get the opportunity to serve in our school and provide safety and fun for all the students. My newest job is to be the soccer net leader, which I get to set up before school and take down after school. Everyone at our school counts on me and other leaders to fulfill our jobs. I am also part of the assembly setup/takedown crew. My crew and I go and set up chairs before assemblies and take them down afterward. I am an important part of the safety and success at Cherry Creek. 

The Nebo School Board of Education was delighted to hear from the school choir led by Susan Deardeuff. The students sang the Cherry Creek School Song and Here Comes the Sun

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By Lana Hiskey