PBS Utah and Utah Education Association Recognized Nebo Teacher

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Elizabeth Hylton with students
Elizabeth Hylton with students
Elizabeth Hylton Springville Junior

Elizabeth Hylton teaches English, Reading, and Resource at Springville Junior High School in Nebo School District!

One student came to the school with a chip on his shoulder and poor behavior. When he got into trouble, Hylton would speak to him, help him understand why he was in trouble and help him resolve to be better. As they worked together, Hylton became a teacher of trust. The student then confided with her his difficult situation…there were days he needed to stay home so his parents didn’t overdose. This young man had a lot on his 14 year old shoulders.

In his ninth-grade year, he wasn’t doing so well with passing classes. He was masterful, however, as a peer tutor to students with severe disabilities. To help him succeed in classes and earn graduation credit, Hylton, with a small team, orchestrated a way for him to receive credit for his peer-mentoring work.

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Congratulations Elizabeth Hylton for being a Nebo Hero!!

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By Lana Hiskey