Foothills Elementary Enchants the Nebo School Board of Education

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Foothills Elementary Presents to Nebo School Board of Education Grandpa in Military
Foothills Fifth-Grader
Veterans Serving Great Grandfather Frank Berrett
Great Grandfather Ted Warner Serves in Military
Great Grandfather John Christiansen Serves in Military
Great Grandfather Darrell Berrett Serves in Military
Great Grandfather Mark McKell Serves in Military
Thank you Veterans!
Why we do the Freedom Walk
Family Served in the Air Force
Freedom Walk Stories
Images of fighter jets
Understand the importance of the Freedom Walk
Foothills Veterans Wall
Hands for our Veterans
American Legion Veterans Assemby
Thank you Military
Foothills Choir

Principal Angela Stoddard introduced the Foothills students presenting the Veterans Theme.  Abby Mead, a fifth-grader, led the large 200+ crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Please see the attached photos for the presentation as follows:

Carter Christiansen, another fifth-grader, talked on why Veterans Day is important to Foothills students.

Garrison Mohlman, a sixth-grader at Valley View Middle, described the Freedom Walk that is provided by Nebo School District and local Veterans for Nebo’s fifth-grade students each spring.

Lincoln Leidecker, another fifth-grade student, explained how Foothills celebrates Veterans Day. 

Abby Mead recognized Veterans in the room and introduced the Foothills Choir led by Mrs. Gurney.

The Nebo School Board of Education was touched by such a patriotic celebration by the Foothills Elementary students.

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By Lana Hiskey