In Recognition of Nebo's Tremendous Employees

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Nebo School Board President Christine Riley

In recognition of our tremendous employees and your dedication to Nebo students, the Nebo District Board of Education recently approved a one-time 2% bonus that will be paid in your November paychecks.

View and listen to President Christine Riley on the employee page: Video Message.

School Board President Christine Riley said, “Greetings from the Nebo School Board. We are so excited this year to be offering you another 2% year-end bonus that will be on your November paycheck.  

“We so appreciate all you do for the students in our district–the teachers, the bus drivers, the lunch workers, the janitors and everyone who has done a part. Thank you so much for what you do! 

“I’d like to share a Thanksgiving message with you, ‘That gratitude makes what we have, enough.’ I find that is what is really important in our lives, to understand the many things that we have that we should be grateful for.

“Recently, I was able to travel to a school in Ecuador and do some service projects for them. It is a very humble little school with bright-eyed children whom were so excited to learn. 

“I hope that we can remember that in our classroom. That you are offering children the world as you offer them an education. 

“Thank you so much for what you do and have a Happy Thanksgiving!”
Building level administrators have additional details. We encourage those with questions to visit with their administrator or call the Nebo District Payroll Office for more information.

By Lana Hiskey