UMEA Red Rocks State Marching Band Competition

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SHS State Marching Band Competition

Tour buses and trucks pulling long trailers with school mascots emblazoned on the side from across the state descended on Crimson Cliffs High School in Washington, Utah, the first weekend in November for the Utah Music Educators Association (UMEA) Red Rocks State Marching Band Competition. All of Nebo high schools were in fine form for the 5A division competition. 

Maple Mountain ended their competition season as the 5A Region IX Champions and earned Third Place in the 5A State Competition (only .2 points away from second). Salem Hills took Third Place in the 5A Scholastic Division and First Place in both 5A Scholastic Percussion Caption and 5A Scholastic Visual Caption. 

The marching band season begins the week after school gets out in May. Nebo bands are prominent figures in community parades, sporting events, and across the competition circuit. The band teachers, assistants, and color guard staff dedicate long hours to honing student technique and creating interesting and inventive shows. Band and color guard students feel a strong sense of community and credit the experience with impacting how they feel about themselves and the world around them in positive ways. Nebo is fortunate to have such talented and visionary teachers who are passionate about the work that they do and take responsibility for student learning! 

Nebo is proud of our talented bands and color guard students and staff. Thank you for being Nebo Heroes!

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By Lana Hiskey