Nebo School Board of Education Were Entertained by Goshen Elementary

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Goshen Students Performing
Goshen Students ready to speak
Goshen student speaking
Goshen student speaking
Goshen student speaking
Goshen principal speaking

A darling fifth-grade student, Jovi Judd, led the Nebo School Board of Education and the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance Wednesday night.

Principal Ben Atkin then presented to the Nebo School Board of Education about all the successes and celebrations going on at Goshen Elementary.

First, the Steps trainers from the University of Utah stated that Goshen outperformed 109 more schools in 2022 than they did in 2021. Also, Goshen is the 13th most improved school in the state of Utah this year according to the Rise test. Goshen implemented a few new things last year that contributed to the overall school improvement. Goshen improved Tier I instruction with instructional rounds and CMI professional development. Goshen also implemented a new intervention system with a certified teacher to help students master reading skills based on the science of reading. 

Next the Nebo School Board of Education were able to hear from the following Student Council members:

Brielle Judd, a fifth-grade student, said, “Being a part of the Student Council at Goshen Elementary is a lot of responsibility. As student leaders we do our best to set an example for those around us. We have been able to help out in the office with morning announcements. We spend time greeting students in the morning and helping new students feel welcome. We help with keeping our school clean and look for ways to improve our school. We help with school activities like College and Career Week and our Give Love Food Drive. We bring hope to the school. We stand up for what is right and do our best to help others make good choices too. We want everyone who comes to our school to feel like they are part of our one home, one family.” 

Sophie Bylund, a fifth-grade student, said, “Our theme at Goshen Elementary is ‘One home, one family.’ We have talked about this as student leaders and what it means to us. We believe it means that we care for each other. We love one another. It means that we are all friends, and we don’t leave others out. We are examples to each other and reach out to help everyone feel like they belong and are comfortable being here. We help people with their challenges. A few weeks ago, I noticed a friend of mine was sad and not really coming and playing with me. I talked with my mom about this, and she told me to love her and make sure that she feels like she has a friend. I try to do this each day.”

Annsley Wall, a fifth-grade student, said, “This year at our school I had the chance to practice being a good friend and supporting other students. One of these times was when I was in PE. I noticed that one of the other girls was not participating like everyone else. So me and two other girls decided to go talk to her. She told us she felt like someone didn’t like her, and that she felt invisible. We decided to be her friend and do what we can to help her feel like she belonged. I know as we notice those around us and do what we can to be an example and encourage those around us we are being good student leaders and helping our school really feel like one family. 

A few Goshen third-grade students then sang and performed “Jingle Bells” with red plastic drinking cups to help with the rhythm. (The plastic cups are apparently a tradition at Goshen Elementary.) It was a delightful performance.

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By Lana Hiskey