High School Youth Board Meets with Nebo School Board of Education

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High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education
High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education
High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education
High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education
High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education
High School Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education

The Nebo School Board of Education and Secondary Director, Dr. RaShel Shepherd, met with high school students from each of the six high schools on April 12, 2023, during the Nebo School Board meeting. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school each quarter.

The high school students first introduced themselves and then listened and answered questions from Secondary Director Dr. RaShel Shepherd and the Nebo School Board of Education members.

The discussion started with the direction, “Tell us about your school celebrations.”

The student representatives talked about various ways of giving back. Some schools had fundraisers and others had “Be a Hero for a Night.” The students gave to Tabitha’s Way, veterans, and others in need. Other students mentioned a successful prom and a canyon day at the park where they held classes outside.

Another question was “What advice would you give to new sophomores coming to high school?” The student representatives were quick to answer saying: be yourself, have fun, make good friends and connections, join a club, get out of your comfort zone, be involved in sports, go for it, you will only regret not doing something, and finally don’t stress too much.

Another question was asked “What would you change about your high school experience?” Students were not shy to say work hard, volunteer more, don’t be afraid to be involved, give back, and don’t be afraid to speak up.

The students overall felt like they had great communication with teachers and administration. They felt supported and safe at school. The students said that they have access to counselors and social workers through apps and communication.

This was a very mature group of student leaders that will go on to be successful adult leaders of our communities. Many mentioned their plans for the future which included going to college at Utah Valley University, Utah State, University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and Snow College. Others mentioned a mission first and then college. A couple of students mentioned their dream of buying property and renting it out to make money.

After the hour-long roundtable discussion, the Nebo School Board of Education expressed that the Youth Board meeting time is valuable because the Board hears from Nebo students. The School Board thanked the students for their time and input during the Youth Board meeting. The students were engaged and thoughtful with their answers.

This is a unique experience for students to give feedback about their education and have Nebo School District leaders listen intently. The high school students also learn best practices from each other that they can implement back at their own high school. This sharing opportunity promotes friendships between the schools in Nebo School District that is growing about 500 students yearly with over 36,000 students this year.

Front Row: Nebo Youth Board
Dr. RaShel Shepherd
Lexie Christiansen & Sam Esplin, Salem Hills High
Ian Jensen & Sydnie Smith, Spanish Fork High
Izzy Clements & Zach Ruffner, Springville High
Hailey Orozco & Kurt Salazar, Landmark High
Jocelyn Brown & Joe Nelson, Maple Mountain High
Renik Carman & Bre Jardine (Both not pictured), Payson High

Back Row: Nebo School Board of Education
Superintendent Rick Nielsen, President Lisa Rowley, Christine Riley, Shauna Warnick, Vice President Shannon Acor, and John Taylor

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By Lana Hiskey