Nebo’s 7th Annual Keyboarding Competition

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Keyboard Competition
Nebo Keyboard Competition
Apple Valley Keyboard Winners
Apple Valley Keyboard Winners
Mapleton Keyboard Winners
Rees Keyboard Winners
Salem Keyboard Winners
Sierra Bonita Keyboard Winners

Nebo School District’s 7th Annual Elementary Keyboarding Competition was held on April 18-19 at each elementary school in the district. Students were tested by their school's keyboarding specialist to qualify to participate. Around 523 students were selected to participate on the basis of their keyboarding speed and accuracy.
Some really great keyboarding took place last week! The highest score was 119 words per minute with 6 errors.  Below is a list of the fourth and fifth grade students who received awards at the end of the competition.

Fourth-Grade Winners 
First Place, Kyler Parker, Riverview Elementary
Second Place, April Christiansen, Mapleton Elementary
Third Place, Bentley Garns, Sierra Bonita Elementary
Fourth Place, Benjamin Hopkins, Mt. Loafer Elementary

Fifth-Grade Winners
First Place, Elias Williams, Wilson Elementary
Second Place, Lucy Showgren, Rees Elementary
Third Place, Jay Johnson, Apple Valley
Fourth Place, Adelyn Collingridge, Riverview Elementary

First place winners received $100. Second place winners received $75. Third place winners received $50. Fourth place winners received $25. Places 5 through 15 receive $10. Thanks so much to Nebo Credit Union for their continued support in donating the prize money for the top four awards in each grade level. In addition to cash prizes, this year, gold spray-painted keyboards were given to the top 4th and 5th grade keyboarders from each Elementary.

Nebo’s Elementary Keyboarding Program consists of 20 days of introduction on proper keyboarding in the 3rd Grade, 50 days of intense training and skill building in the 4th Grade, and 18 days of speed building and accuracy building in the 5th Grade. The classes are taught by eight certified teachers who each teach at multiple schools each year.

Nebo School District's Elementary Keyboarding Specialists:
Christine Blazzard: Sierra Bonita, Rees, Meadow Brook, Spanish Oaks
Laurel Mills: Apple Valley, Goshen, Santaquin, Orchard Hills
Kim Clyde: Brockbank, Spring Lake, Wilson, Taylor
Colleen Sircable: Maple Ridge, Park, Cherry Creek, Westside
Jen Teemant: Mt. Loafer, Park View, Foothills, Barnett
Julie Wallace: Mapleton, Hobble Creek, Brookside, Art City
April Williams: Salem, Sage Creek
Lynette Woerner: Larsen, Riverview, Canyon, River View

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By Lana Hiskey