Utah’s Student Advocate Principal of the Year- Amy Darrington

Submitted by lindsey.hughes on Thu, 06/29/2023 - 10:17
Amy Darrington

Cherry Creek Elementary’s Principal, Amy Darrington, was recently named Utah’s Student Advocate Principal of the Year. If you have had the opportunity and privilege to spend any time with Mrs. Darrington, you know that she is extremely deserving of this award. Mrs. Darrington was initially nominated by her Nebo School District Principal peers for this award and it then progressed to the state level where she was given this honorable award for the entire state of Utah.

Mrs. Darrington received this award for many reasons. Some of those are:

  • She teaches her students to be leaders
  • She puts her students first
  • She seeks out, listens to, values, and acts upon their input
  • She creates opportunities for students to extend and enrich their learning
  • She makes sure her students' needs are met (in and outside of school)

As you can see, Mrs. Darrington is clearly an advocate for students. The students at Cherry Creek are lucky to have Mrs. Darrington in their corner. She is determined to make all her students feel safe, heard and successful at Cherry Creek Elementary. 

Thank you for being a Nebo Hero, Mrs. Darrington!

Lindsey Hughes