Spanish Fork Junior High Teacher Spotlighted at Covey Center

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The Covey Center for the Performing Arts presents "Millman: One-man Show."

The Covey Center for the Performing Arts presents "Millman: One-man Show."  July 6- August 23, 2023.

David Hughes-Millman is a dedicated teacher at Spanish Fork Junior High.  He brings his passion for education to the classroom every day.  David refuses to confine himself to a single theme, medium, or technique. Embracing versatility, he explores the realms of illustration using crayon, pencil, or pen and indulges in painting with watercolor, acrylics, or oils.

His artistic journey began at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo. 

Hailing from Massachusetts, David's family relocated to Utah when he was six years old, and then settled in Carson City, Nevada, at age nine. At age fifteen, David's exceptional talent was recognized when he emerged victorious in a national art competition. This triumph became the catalyst that fueled his determination to continue honing and perfecting his creative skills.

With a deep passion for art and a compassionate heart for others, David developed a love for sharing and teaching his craft. He embarked on his teaching career on a Navajo reservation, eventually transitioning to various schools across Utah. For nearly two decades, he has been inspiring young minds in the Nebo school district.

Seth Sorensen