First Day of Kindergarten

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Sage Creek Kindergarten Welcome

Let me tell you about the most incredible day ever – the first day of kindergarten! I couldn't sleep the night before, and my tummy was doing flips of excitement. I woke up super early, even before the sun was up! Today was the big day, and I was ready to rock kindergarten like a pro!

My mom helped me pick out my clothes, and I chose my favorite blue shirt and comfy jeans. I mean, I had to look stylish for my first day, right? My new backpack was hanging by the door, packed with my shiny new crayons, cool markers, and the coolest superhero lunchbox you've ever seen.

As we walked up to the school, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so big and colorful – like a giant rainbow castle. There were kids everywhere, some with new backpacks just like mine, and others holding onto their parents' hands like I was holding onto Mom's hand. My heart raced but in a good way.

We met my teacher, Ms. Thompson, who had the warmest smile ever. She had a name tag with a big red apple, and I knew she was going to be fun. She led us into the classroom, which was like stepping into a magical land of books and colorful posters. There were tiny tables and chairs just my size and a big rug with letters and numbers.

We did so many cool things that day! We read stories about talking animals and brave adventurers, and we even got to make our own art with the crayons and markers I brought. Ms. Thompson taught us a special song about days of the week, and we sang it together like a little kindergarten choir.

I shared my superhero lunchbox with the kids at my table. I made new friends, and we talked about our favorite toys and what we wanted to be when we grew up. One girl wanted to be an astronaut, and a boy next to me said he wanted to be a dinosaur scientist – how awesome is that?

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. I couldn't believe how quickly the day flew by. I packed up my backpack, said bye to my new friends, and gave Ms. Thompson a big hug. She told me she was excited to see me tomorrow, and I couldn't wait either!

As Mom picked me up, I chattered away about all the fun things I did – the songs, the stories, and my new friends. I was bubbling with happiness, and I knew in my heart that kindergarten was going to be the best adventure ever.

So, there you have it – the first day of kindergarten in all its exciting glory!


Photo by Shavon Mousser