Nebo Students & Teacher Win National Honors!

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FCCLA Winners

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) work as an integral component of the classroom curriculum and instruction, building upon employability and career skills and concepts through the application and engagement of students in hands-on demonstrations and real-life work experiences through a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. CTSOs help guide students in developing a career path, and a program of study and provide opportunities to gain the skills and abilities needed to be successful in those careers through CTSO activities, programs, and competitive events. In addition, students have opportunities to hold leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels and attend leadership development conferences to network with other students as well as business and industry partners.


Troy Chilcott, FCCLA Adviser, Salem Hills High School

Troy Chilcott is in his 2nd year with Nebo School District. Before joining the staff at Salem Hills High he was an FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Adviser and teacher in Carbon School District. In March of 2023, he was recognized as the State Master Adviser at the Utah FCCLA Leadership Conference. In July of 2023, he was recognized with the Master Adviser Award in Denver, Colorado at the National FCCLA Leadership Conference.  The Master Adviser Award recognizes those who have been successful in advising an affiliated chapter for a minimum of three years, promoting the organization, operating an integrated chapter with a balanced program of work, facilitating youth-centered activities, and keeping abreast of new happenings within the organization. One of Troy’s peers stated, “This award is proof that Troy has officially reached rockstar adviser status!”

Congratulations to Troy Chilcott, FCCLA National Master Adviser Award


Addie Gesullo, 1st place in Fashion Construction, FCCLA National Leadership Conference Advisors: Kathryn Crandall and Jessica Knotts

Addie Gesuello competed as a Sophomore in the Fashion Construction Event for FCCLA.  She spent over 120 hours sewing the outfit that she is wearing tonight. She lived in the sewing classroom to reach this high level of success.  She is extremely committed and was at the school early and stayed late nearly every day last fall.  This outfit has brought her competition success in both FCCLA and the annual Make it With Wool Contest.   Her outfit is 100% wool. She made the dress as well as the coat.  The ensemble is complete with matched plaids, pockets, and a self-designed Peter Pan collar.  Addie competed and won both regional and state levels of FCCLA competition last spring, and then won first place in Fashion Construction at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Denver this summer.  She also competed in other events with this outfit and was a runner-up in the Make it With Wool Contest last November.  Addie’s advisers commented that “her attention to detail is what set her apart.  She was always willing to unpick her project and improve it.”

Congratulations to Addie Gesullo, 1st Place in Fashion Construction, FCCLA National Leadership Conference.  We would also like to recognize Addie’s Maple Mountain Advisers Kathryn Crandall & Jessica Knotts.



Ben Cornaby, 1st place in Individual Welding, Skills USA National Leadership & Skills Conference

Adviser: Jared Massic

Ben Cornaby competed in the Individual Welding competition at the Skills USA National Leadership & Skills Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ben had an hour to tack together and weld a widget for 5 welding and cutting processes and complete three written welding tests. Each test and widget were scored based on exact fit-up, welds completed in the right sequence, and welds placed in the right place, size, and position. There was a blueprint for each test and Ben had to follow them exactly to look for all his instructions. Winning first place Ben has decided to enter the process to compete for the spot to represent the USA at World Skills in Lyon France next September. He will submit more projects to a national committee to try and beat out 12 other students across the country.

Congratulations to Ben Cornaby, 1st Place in Individual Welding at the Skills USA National Leadership & Skills Contest. We would also like to recognize Ben’s  Maple Mountain Adviser Jared Massic.


Jaxon Archibald, Walter Rose, Josh Jackson, 1st place in Welding Fabrication, Skills USA National Leadership & Skills Conference

Advisor: Jared Massic, MMHS

Jaxon Archibald, Walter Rose, and Josh Jackson competed in the Welding Fabrication competition at the Skills USA National Leadership & Skills Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Welding Fabrication is a 3 person team event, and the students have to work together to take raw materials and fabricate a project according to plans that they have never seen before.  They must use a variety of tools, welding processes, and cutting processes to finish the project in six and a half hours. This year's project was a park BBQ stand.  As part of the contest and within the six-and-a-half-hour time allotment, students complete a mock interview and present a proposal for a future project idea, as well as a set of complete plans for a future contest with a separate theme. Their adviser stated, “The Team of Jaxon, Walter, and Josh are extremely motivated and hardworking. They put in countless hours to practice mock contests and work on their communication with each other and their ability to work as a team.”

Congratulations to Jaxon Archibald, Walter Rose, and Josh Jackson, 1st Place in Welding Fabrication at the SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Contest. We would also like to recognize the team's Maple Mountain Adviser, Jared Massic.