Salem Hills Marching Band Emerges Victorious as State Champions

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SHHS Marching Band

Salem Hills Marching Band soared to new heights at this year's Red Rocks State Championships, seizing the top position in the 5A Scholastic Division. Their performance was not merely outstanding; it was historic. The band not only claimed the state championship but also secured multiple caption awards, affirming their excellence in various aspects of their performance. The ensemble was honored with awards for outstanding musical performance, outstanding visual performance, and outstanding color guard. Their success was underscored by achieving the highest scores in the program's history.

“I am so pleased with the work of all those who have given so much of their time and energy to our team this season,” said Ryan Adair, Director of Bands at Salem Hills High School. “They left all of themselves on the field and exemplified that success requires both a commitment to start strong and consistency to finish strong. This is the essence of our band motto: JUST DO BAND!” 

The band's victory wasn’t just about a single stellar performance but rather a culmination of consistent dedication, tireless practice, and unwavering commitment to musical excellence. Their triumph at the Red Rocks State Championships stands as a testament to the band's pursuit of perfection and unity in their passion for music and artistic performance.

Drum Major Asia Leary said, “I am beyond proud of my band for the 5A scholastic state title, but the most incredible thing was to watch everyone become a family and push each other to the finish line that resulted in that title.”


Karen Kidd