KyLynn James Appointed Assistant Principal of Landmark High School

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KyLynn James Picture

The Nebo School Board of Education has appointed KyLynn James as the Assistant Principal of Landmark High School.

Mrs. James has worked in Nebo School District for nine years.  She has served as the Dean of Students at Spanish Fork High for one year and Salem Hills High for three years. Prior to that, she taught 8th and 9th-grade Health for eight years.

KyLynn earned a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Community Health, focusing on Health Education, from Utah Valley University. She completed a Master's Degree in Educational Administration at Southern Utah University in 2019.

A colleague said, “KyLynn is fantastic!  She is able to connect with students in a way that they can trust her and know that she cares about them, and they love her for it.  She is passionate about mental wellness and helping students improve their well-being.  She is a leader that changes the world each day.  I’m excited to see how she will change the world at Landmark! ”                                       

KyLynn’s Personal Motto is, “Some people change the world. And some people change the people who change the world, and that's you.”  By Kij Johnson. This quote resonates with her because it captures the essence of her role; not only is she striving to make a positive impact on the world through education, but she is also dedicated to empowering and inspiring those within the educational community to be catalysts for change.

KyLynn is married to Josh Cooper.  They enjoy traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and locations.