Nebo School District Classified Employees of the Year 2023-2024

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Vickey Allen
Cecilee Cannon
Wendy Pope
Jeff McCloud
Amy Winsor
Evan Bond
Nikki Argyle
Tim Ernst

Nebo School District honors classified employees across the district. Thank you to all those that submitted over 600 employee nominations this year. We are grateful for our classified employees who help our district run smoothly!

2023-2024 Classified Employee of the Year- Vickey Allen

Vickey Allen- District Wide-Transportation
Vickey is superwoman! Not only is she a bus driver, but she is also a technician for one of the special education classes at Art City Elementary. She begins each day early as she drives a bus to pick up students and take them to school and does so with a smile! She is adored y all the kids. Vickey is so fun and patient! We would be lost without her!

Cecilee Cannon- Riverview Elementary- Educational Technician
Mrs. Cannon is always positive and has a happy smile on her face. She enjoys being around the children and you can tell they love her. She makes her class fun and exciting so students are engaged and eager to learn. She even volunteers her time after school to help with the school musical. She puts her whole heart into teaching her students music. The students feel the love she has for them and for music, and they love to be with her!

Wendy Pope- Salem Hills High- Special Education Services
Wendy is a consummate professional and represents the values of Salem Hills as she works with parents and students. Because of her efforts, the IEP process runs smoothly. Aside from Special Education, she also takes on other responsibilities involving ACT, students with 504 accommodations, and online students. She not only helps SHHS but will even help other schools that are in need of training and support. Wendy has been a valued and integral part of the Special Education team.

Jeff McCloud- Maple Mountain High- Custodian
Jeff is the kindest person I have ever met! He stops by on a regular basis asking what I need to be successful and goes out of his way to make it happen. He never looks for any accolades and is happy to be helpful. Jeff has more on his plate than anyone I know and he still makes me feel like my concerns or issues are top priority. I have absolutely loved having Jeff as a team member on our staff and as a friend! I could not recommend him more!

Amy Winsor- Canyon Elementary- Child Nutrition
Amy goes over and beyond every day to make sure the kids have the food they need. She orders all of the food, milk, and needed supplies for the lunchroom. She also trains anybody new that comes in the kitchen. Despite being low staffed, she continues to have a positive and determined attitude. She works hard to ensure that all duties in the lunchroom are completed and she does it all with a smile on her face!

Evan Bond- District Wide- Maintenance
Evan always has a positive attitude towards the work he does for the district and each school. Evan is happy to return greetings in the hallways as he goes about his maintenance duties. I know he is a busy man, since he is responsible for many school buildings and supervises fellow workers, but I have never felt he was too busy to wave hello or share a greeting. Evan is easy to call when an issue arises because he is always willing to help where needed.

Nikki Argyle- District Wide- CTE Secretary
Nikki is the best! There are things that I didn't know were a possibility before Nikki! She helps to ensure that all of the right paperwork gets filled out and keeps us all on our toes. I appreciate everything she does to be an advocate for CTE and especially agricultural education. Nikki isn't afraid to ask questions to help better understand what is going on and to help our program succeed. She also cares about you individually.

Tim Ernst- District Wide- Technical Services
Tim is ALWAYS positive and happy. He teases all the students and staff, making everyone smile when he enters the room. He is quick to help take care of all of the technical needs in the building and is extremely knowledgeable. He is willing to help teachers with their computers in a way that works best for them, ordering extra long cords, etc. if that is what is needed. He is quick to respond when we have issues with any of our computers or printers.