Nebo School District Honors Elementary Teachers of the Year

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Kim Mellor
23-24 TOY

During the April board meeting, the Nebo School District proudly recognized and celebrated its outstanding Elementary Teachers of the Year. Each teacher was recognized for their exceptional dedication and commitment to educating young students in the district. 

The Teachers of the Year for the 2023-2024 School Year are:

  • Apple Valley- Syd Thomas
  • Art City- Madison Torres
  • Barnett- Kristine Staheli
  • Brockbank- Mia Montover
  • Brookside- Mijken Hall
  • Canyon- Katie Russell
  • Chery Creek- Cheryl Nielson
  • East Meadows- Robyn Scoubes
  • Foothills- Pam Roberts
  • Goshen- Cami Barber
  • Hobble Creek- Maria Lopez
  • Larsen- Kara Mackay
  • Maple Ridge- Lyndsie Jordan
  • Mapleton- Katie Barth
  • Meadow Brook- Alexis Christensen
  • Mt. Loafer- Noelle Humphrey
  • Orchard Hill- Brianne Brower
  • Park- Charla Andersen
  • Park View- Amber Gull 
  • Rees- Tonya Painter
  • Riverview- Melissa Nuttall
  • Sage Creek- Megan Morrow
  • Salem- Peggy Van Ausdal
  • Santaquin- Stephanie Ostler
  • Sierra Bonita- Kenzie Robison
  • Spanish Oaks- Kim Mellor
  • Spring Lake- Amber Stone
  • Taylor- Shalyn Murdoch
  • Westside- Jessica Cox
  • Wilson- Katie Bahr

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the overall Teacher of the Year in Nebo School District: Kim Mellor, a kindergarten teacher from Spanish Oaks Elementary. Kim Mellor's passion for teaching and her tireless efforts in supporting her students' growth and development were celebrated by all in attendance.

In addition to the plaque, Kim Mellor received a series of generous rewards. Getaway Today presented her with a $500 gift, Nebo School District awarded her a check, and Murdock Ford in Santaquin offered her a free lease for a year on a 2024 Ford Edge.

Kim Mellor's impact on her students, colleagues, and the entire Spanish Oaks Elementary community has been profound. Her innovative teaching methods and nurturing approach create a positive and supportive learning environment for her students.

Congratulations to all the Elementary Teachers of the Year. Your dedication to shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning is truly inspiring. Thank you for your commitment to the students and families of Nebo School District.