About Student Email

Scheduled Maintenance June 3rd - 10th, 2022 - Complete.

As part of our email restructure, students got a new email account that uses the same username and password as their old account.

The following email was sent to students on Monday, June  13th.


Subject of email to students: Access Old Google Content (Documents, Calendars, Contacts etc.)

Don't Panic!

All of your old Google content (email, documents, calendars, contacts, etc.) has been archived; you can still access it by logging in with a slightly modified username:

Old Email Login

  •      Username: first.l123@oldstu.nebo.edu
  •      Password: same password you currently use


Instructions are also available if you'd like to move your content from the old account to the new account:

Accessing Old Student Email and Documents


For those who would like to understand the reason for the maintenance, read on.

For years, Google has recommended we merge the management of our nebo.edu and stu.nebo.edu domains. Our current configuration sometimes causes problems or delays especially for new features (like when we started using Google Classroom and students could not email their teachers).

Now that many other school districts have successfully made this change, we are going to do so. Here are a few expected benefits of making this change:

  • Allows additional features of tools like Clever (For example K-1 students will be able to login to Chromebooks with a QR code)
  • Reduces issues with sharing documents etc. between teachers and students
  • Allows more granular distribution of Chromebook Apps and Google Services
  • Allows Chromebook user logging (who used this chromebook last?)
  • And more.

About Student Email

Many teachers choose to use email as a part of their learning plans. As a district we provide for each student (2nd Grade and above) a Google Apps for Education account, enhancing students’ ability to access, collaborate, and share what they have been learning in school.

The Google Apps account includes access to Email, Docs, Calendars, etc.

Screenshot of Google LoginStudents can log in to their email using the link from the Student Home Page.

Teachers may ask you to help your child access their account for the first time, ensuring that they know their email address and password.  This can be found by logging in to your Infinite Campus SIS account and looking at your student.

Parent Involvement

You may find your child’s student email address by logging in to your parent Infinite Campus SIS account and looking at your child's profile.  If needed, the school can help you change their password. You are encouraged to monitor your child's use of their Google Apps for Education account.