Transportation Policies


Administrative Procedure: FILE # EEACC-P1


It is the desire of the Nebo School District Board of Education to have all children who are assigned to ride on a school bus act in a responsible manner. It will be the policy of the Board to set forth guidelines to be followed by students, parents, bus drivers, principals, and the Transportation Department. The following administrative procedure will be the Board's guideline and must be followed by all patrons using the school buses.

The driver is in full charge of the bus and its passengers. He/she is charged with the responsibility of safely conveying the students to their respective destinations. It is necessary, therefore, to have rules and regulations governing the students riding the bus.

Students should leave home early enough to arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the bus is due. Students should be in the bus and seated within seven (7) minutes after the first bell rings at the end of a school day.

Each student may be assigned a seat in which he/she will remain seated at all times, unless permission to change is given by the driver. The drivers will only transport those students who are regularly assigned to their bus, unless other arrangements have been made with the Transportation Department.

The rules of conduct for the school bus riders are listed but not limited to those below.

Each student will:

  • Obey promptly and respectfully the directions of the bus driver or supervisor.
  • Sit properly in their seats.
  • Not throw objects out of the windows or within the bus.
  • Keep their hands and feet to themselves.
  • Not shove, push, or fight.
  • Not eat or drink on the bus without the driver's permission.
  • Not smoke, use, or exhibit any flame producing objects on the bus.
  • Not open windows or emergency doors without driver's permission.
  • Not place any part of their bodies outside the bus windows.
  • Not litter or clutter the aisles.
  • Not tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
  • Not be loud, boisterous, vulgar or profane in words or actions.
  • Not leave the bus except at their regular stop without written permission from parent/guardian.
  • Pay for damage to the bus through acts of vandalism or other incidents resulting in damage.