November 2022

Nebo School District Honors our Education Support Professionals Staff

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Nebo School District honors a long list of professionals who keep schools running smoothly. They include all secretaries, classroom aides, child nutrition workers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, custodians, and the others who support educators, school leadership, and the students, too.

Where Are We Wednesday, November 16, 2022?

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Where are we Wednesday, November 16, 2022? Name the place and event that happened in Nebo School District. Remember to scroll through the photos.

In Recognition of Nebo's Tremendous Employees

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In recognition of our tremendous employees and your dedication to Nebo students, the Nebo District Board of Education recently approved a one-time 2% bonus that will be paid in your November paychecks.

Congratulations to Nebo’s Fall State Champions

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Congratulations to our Nebo State Champions--Springville Girls' Cross Country Team and Springville 5A Girls’ Tennis Doubles Champions. 

Springville High 5A Girls’ Tennis Doubles Champions – Britta Broberg & Nadia Templeman with Coach Greg Templeman.

Nebo Celebrates Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is a day for us all to honor all those brave men and women who have served and are serving our country with bravery, dedication, and sacrifice.  Thank you Veterans for your service that we may all live in a free country and have a right to a free public education. 

Foothills Elementary Enchants the Nebo School Board of Education

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Principal Angela Stoddard introduced the Foothills students presenting the Veterans Theme.  Abby Mead, a fifth-grader, led the large 200+ crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Please see the attached photos for the presentation as follows: